Spring, where are you?

Snow is great...

But winter is only good when there is snow. and there's usually no snow.

I miss flowers.

And skirts and dresses--without having to wear tights

Having a reason (and being able) to just throw on a summer dress and look pretty.

ok ok ok... I eat my words. It snowed last night. So winter is a little more bearable right now. I still want some warm weather...and here's some beautiful pictures:

Flowers! I need you!! NOW.

Smith Lake... i miss you.

I want this dress!!
{Urban Outfitters}
Isn't that back so pretty?
Classic beauty :)

Have a beautiful day!


chelsea rebecca said...

I. LOVE. THAT. DRESS. seriously the back is adorable! and SUNFLOWERS oh SUNFLOWERS! i'm excited for spring but i miss tights. they are my fave.

so jealous you guys got out again.

have a most delightful snow day!

{and yes, i am hopefully going to chicago soon but i would be going in the fall!!}

thanks for giving me some sunshine on this dreary day!

Saura Lnow said...

Smith Lake Misses you too! ....or rather the people who live near Smith Lake (*ahem* me)

Hurry spring time!

Rachel said...

I adore summer...spring.. and the airy feeling it brings, and the lovely dresses, and the feeling that everything is extra fresh and beautiful.. i want that dress!!!!