Oh the joy!

Oh the joys of Valentine's day!!
(even if you didn't get a carnation sent from your secret admirer at school... which i didn't :D)
And even if you're single... it doesn't matter!
I hate all those haters of Valentine's Day..
In my opinion they're just bitter.... bitter... people!
(couldn't think of a good name to call them)
Valentine's Day is about love...
but it doesn't specify what kind of love, or from whom!
Yes, yes I know it's gotten to be a holiday just to celebrate couple's love or whatever the heck you wanna say.
But what about your best friends, they need love too!
And you brothers, and your sisters if you have those too!
And don't forget you Daddy.
And your Mama :)
(my mom doesn't come home until the day after Valentine's Day)
But really.
Can't we just all make some happy decorations like these:

and buy some beautiful flowers like....these:

And be HAPPY?!?

I demand you be happy.

hold up on the pictures... I'll add those later. I promise. Like later this evening.... I'm too lazy to run upstairs to get the camera and upload them now :)


Whitney said...

i'm happy :D

we both still love valentine's day :D
you me and mj


I love. LOVE.

chelsea rebecca said...

i would have sent you a flower!!!

i have you exact same view on valentines! while it would be wonderful to share it with someone.. i still love LOVE and i love valentines day!