Oh I can't help it.... I just have to post again!!

I'm taking advice of this girl (you should view her blog anyways, but find the post i'm talking about if you scroll down) and taking after example of this girl too!

I'm going to make Valentimes (yes, ValentiMes, okay, okay fine.. Valentines) day cards for a few special friends...

I got a Valentine in the mail that i loved!
(Chelsea, I can't help but post pictures of it, if you don't mind!)
i loved this!! where do you get pretty light pink envelopes??
recognize this if you follow her??

And maybe i'll put up pictures of my Valentines I make tomorrow!

Okay, Okay, maybe I got a little picture happy.. But i hope you enjoy them!
just to brighten the day a little bit.. hanging hearts from my doorway!

This is my lovely brother, Jordan.
Ladies, he's single!!
he always comes in my room and looks at my wall.. it's funny.
This is me, enjoying my chinese.
I always use chopsticks.
my favorite tree in our backyard/common area.
gorgeous with the snow!

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!


Whitney said...


i had a brilliant idea that i was going to make one valentine a day all week, that way there would be 6 valentines (mon-sat) by actual valentine's day...but...valentine's this year decided to land on the week that just wouldn't get on track.
BUT I'm still resolute that I WILL get at least one valentine done before sunday.

Oh. Love you so much!
and Jordan, he's an interesting (but beyond cool) one...

Whitney said...

btw. i miss your house.
and franklin.
i'm having franklin withdrawls...ugh.


Saura Lnow said...

that look like the kind of tree ut woukd be fun to sit in and read a book

Rachel said...

ummm, I adored this post.
I adore valentines.
I heart hearts.
ur brother made me laugh.
ur talent w/ chpsticks makes me jealous.

chelsea rebecca said...

i'm so glad you got you valentine on time!!! this post made me so happy!!
i'm loving the hearts on the door. so adorable! i'm gonna have to steal that idea for next year... on when spring comes and use flowers! haha! a most happiest valentines day!

Elizabeth said...

I do recognize the dove wrappers...how fun :)