Smell of Cinnamon in the Air

Oh what an adventure...
So.. let me just say I am by far not the best cook you've ever met... a far ways off actually..
I've just never really had that much practice!
So Katie gave me a starter for Amish Friendship Bread..
I decided to take on this challenge.
So this afternoon was the special day!
Some of you know my mother.
I love her to death.
But she can be stubborn.
er... you just have to do things her way.
So I was really determined to do this on my own.
I will grow from this, and perfect the bread.
Well... after some....discussion we finally started.
She told me some tricks... and sometimes I would say..
It doesn't follow the recipe!!
(mama is known to not follow recipes)
But anyways... needless to say it's sitting in the oven now,
and oh. my. goodness.
it smells divine!

So i'll let you know how it turns out!!


chelsea rebecca said...

i can't wait to see how it turns out!! i love straying from the recipe a bit!!

Hair-Bo said...

Sweet! I can almost smell it!

WV - sanes

elliebird said...

i think i want that recipe. it smells good.

Hannah said...

We bake Amish Bread every week in the fall!!! I'm a "stick to the recipe" kinda girl, too. But with Amish Bread you can make different flavors so easy. Just change the pudding flavor and add something like chocolate chips. Ben absolutely LOVES it. I hope yours is DElicious!!!